Author Book Signing Procedures

Congratulations on your participation in the upcoming Local Author Night book signing. We want to work with you to make this event as successful as possible. Because Joseph-Beth has been hosting book signings for over 25 years, we’ve developed deep expertise in what works and what doesn’t.

This Book Signing Procedures document is designed to help things run smoothly for your Local Author Night, to generate interest and attendance, and to help you sell books. Please review it carefully.

What We Provide
Publicity – you can expect the following publicity for your designated Local Author Night:

• Monthly newsletter
• In-store display and signage
• Post on our website
• eBlasts
• Facebook/twitter updates
• Press releases to local media (TV, radio, print, website)

At Event—a contact person will be available at your event.

Our Expectations of the Author
Send out invites (paper or email) to at least 50 local friends and family about the event two weeks prior to the scheduled event date. Joseph-Beth must be included in that mailing.

Commit to a series of self-promotional activities leading up to the book signing, including, but not limited to:

• A mailing to a potential audience of non-family and friends that have some connection to the written topic
• Distribution of signing information to various organizations with topic relevancy
• Conduct social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.

Joseph-Beth should be the only book signing in the near area.

Keep Joseph-Beth aware of your publicity efforts in order to gauge the number of books to order.

Local Author Night Format
The event will last approximately an hour.

It will be hosted in our in our event space.

There will be up to 4 authors sharing the spotlight on Local Author Night.

Depending on the number of authors participating in our Local Author Night, there may be a brief opportunity to speak and discuss your book followed by a brief Q&A session open to all participants.

If the Local Author Night has a number of authors participating (most likely during the Fall/Winter timeframe), the event will just be a signing.

Outside food & beverages are not allowed at your event. If you are interested in having food or beverage at your event, we will put you in touch with the appropriate Brontë Bistro manager.

We will provide chairs, microphone and a podium if needed. We also have a projector screen, but no projector.

Before you leave, we will get you to sign store stock.

Book Order & Invoicing
Ingram Available: If your book is available through Ingram Book Company, we will most likely order your book through them. If this is the case, you will be paid through your publisher as usual.

If Ingram cannot supply your books in time, we will either get them through you or through your publisher.

Non-Ingram: If your book is not available through Ingram, we will either order through your publisher or ask you to supply them. If you supply the books, the split is 60/40 (favoring you). We will pay you for the books sold and in most cases keep a few for stock.

It is imperative that you send us an invoice for the books sold/bought when supplying the books yourself.

• You must send us a packing slip with the books that you drop off or ship before Local Author Night
• After the event please send an invoice to our Service Center that reflects how many books sold and that we kept for store stock.
• If you’re not sure of the sales, please ask your Joseph-Beth host
• We will send the adjusted packing slip to our Service Center
• You must invoice the Service Center for the total number of books sold and placed in stock after your event:

Joseph-Beth Accounts Payable
5030 Oaklawn Drive
Suite B
Cincinnati, OH 45227

• Until the Service Center receives an invoice from you and a packing slip from the store, you will not receive a check.