Local Author Expectations

Our Expectations of the Author
We’ll promote your book and participation in Local Author Night through our extensive marketing and promotion efforts, but you must be willing to do a lot of self-promotion as well:

• Send out invites (paper or email) to at least 50 local friends and family about the event two weeks prior to the scheduled event date. Joseph-Beth must be included in that mailing.
• Commit to a series of self-promotional activities leading up to the book signing, including, but not limited to:

• A mailing to a potential audience of non-family and friends that have some connection to the written topic
• Distribution of signing information to various organizations with topic relevancy
• Conduct social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.

• Joseph-Beth should be the only book signing in the near area.
• Keep Joseph-Beth aware of your publicity efforts in order to gauge the number of books to order.

Writing a book is hard. Making it a success is even harder. Despite all that we will do to promote your book, we cannot guarantee its success. One thing we do know is that it has no chance of success without you marketing and promoting on your own.