Local Author FAQs

Am I guaranteed that Joseph-Beth will carry my book?
Though we strive to give every consideration possible to local authors we cannot guarantee that your book will be accepted. Unfortunately, since we receive hundreds of requests a month we cannot accommodate them all. There are many factors that go into the selection process including:

• Quality of the writing
• Subject matter
• Cover design
• Binding
• Price point and discount to Joseph-Beth
• Target audience
• Expertise or popularity of the author
• Marketing resources of the author

Once my book is accepted will I get a book signing?
If your book is approved it goes to our Local Author Events Committee for review. We host 4 Local Author Nights per year, which consist of up to 4 authors sitting and signing their books on the same evening. Because slots are limited they are in demand as we can only accommodate 16 local authors per year. On rare occasions a local author may be considered for a standalone book signing. But this is at the discretion of the Local Author Events Committee.

Is there anyone I can talk to?
We know you’re proud of your book. We recognize the significance of your achievement. However, as mentioned earlier, due to the high volume of local author requests and the limited slots we have available, our Local Author Review Committee needs the ability to make unbiased decisions without added pressure from local authors. The process must remain anonymous in order to protect its integrity.

Please submit your request through our website and follow the process. Joseph-Beth will notify you whether your book or event has been approved or declined.

Should I set up a lot of events in the area around the same date?
As most likely your biggest book signing opportunity in the area Joseph-Beth recommends that you do not schedule any events in the two weeks prior to your Local Author Night. After your event, we suggest scheduling only one or two events no closer than one week together. This makes your events more exclusive and therefore more attractive to an audience.

Should I give free copies away to friends and family?
We advise saving any free copies you have for the media and trusted readers who can review and help publicize your book. Friends and family are usually likely to buy not only one copy—but multiples!

Should I send out press releases to local media?
Yes. We send out press releases to the local media that group our monthly events together and will include a short paragraph about your book.

However, we suggest that you send a one-page press release with clear, concise information about your book and a short paragraph on your background to local press.

Will Joseph-Beth set up local television interviews or get my book reviewed in local papers?
While we will do all we can to let the media know about your participation in Local Author Night, you are responsible for scheduling any media appearances or interviews, and you should start sending review copies to newspapers and magazines before you start scheduling bookstore appearances, if possible.