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Contrary to the familiar name, this is not a game where players blindly aim missiles at each other's sheep in hidden pastures. It IS a game where sheep strategically plot paths in a communal pasture to occupy as much space as possible! Players begin by choosing one of the four stacks of sheep chips, each showing a different animated sheep. Then assemble the honeycomb-shaped pasture segments in any configuration that you like. Players start their stack of sheep on one side of the pasture, and then take turns "splitting" the stack or moving their stack in straight lines, dropping one sheep token on every hexagonal space. You can't jump over your own or other players' sheep, so the board gets a little more crowded every turn! Simple to learn, but tricky to master, there's a lot to watch here as you plan your next move. Who will be the next king of the pasture? For 2-4 players.

Price: $29.99