Book Fairs

Want to encourage reading and raise money to support your school? Joseph-Beth now offers virtual book fairs! 

Being part of the community and encouraging reading and literacy is at the heart of everthing we do at Joseph-Beth - so we are thrilled to be offering new virtual book fairs. Some benefits to having a virtual book fair with Joseph-Beth: 

  • Social distancing approved - Shop your book fair at and have books shipped directly to homes. 
  • Raise money for your school - Up to 30% of every dollar spent at your virtual book fair will go back to the school. 
  • Even greater reach - Virtual book fairs make it even easier for friends, neighbors, relatives from all over to read, get great books, and support your school.
  • Longer time - While many in person fairs only last a short time - from a single day to maybe a week, virtual book fairs are two weeks, and the special code for your school can be used as many times as needed over that time period. 
  • Support local - Joseph-Beth is your local, indepedent bookstore - working with Joseph-Beth for your book fair is a great way to help support your community. 

Ready to encourage reading and support your school? CLICK HERE to schedule your Joseph-Beth Virtual Book Fair today!