The Sprite Sisters: Magic at Drysdale's School (Vol 7) (Paperback)

The Sprite Sisters: Magic at Drysdale's School (Vol 7) Cover Image
By Sheridan Winn, Christopher Winn (Illustrator)
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THE SPRITE SISTERS - FOUR SISTERS, FOUR ELEMENTS, FOUR POWERS - FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR. MAGIC AT DRYSDALE'S SCHOOL is the seventh title in the bestselling Sprite Sister series that has sold over 550,000 copies in Germany. A feature film is now being produced and will be screened in German cinemas in 2019.

The magical adventures of the four Sprite Sisters - Flame, Marina, Ash and Ariel - are aimed at girl readers aged 7-13 years. It's the autumn term at Drysdale's School and Zak makes a strong impression at his new boarding school - not all of it good. A few weeks before, he used his dark magic to summon the terrifying invasion of screeglings to Sprite Towers. Nervous of what Zak may do next, the Sprite Sisters keep a wary distance from him at school. Despite her anger, 14-year old Marina still finds herself drawn to the troubled boy when they come face to face. Meanwhile Flame, 15, anguishes about having to keep her magic power secret from her boyfriend, Quinn. When Ash's power of Earth draws her to a mysterious stone in the school grounds, she feels it holds the key to a magic pathway. Zak is not far behind her, and senses that something in this pathway will help rid him of the dark power that is consuming him. With time running out for Zak, the Sprite Sisters and their cousin Verena must find a way into the magic pathway - but much more than any of them had ever imagined awaits them there.

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ISBN: 9780957423121
ISBN-10: 0957423128
Publisher: Sheridan Winn
Publication Date: June 21st, 2013
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Sprite Sisters