Compelling Conversations - Japan: Questions and Quotations for High Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners (Paperback)

Compelling Conversations - Japan: Questions and Quotations for High Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners By Shiggy Ichinomiya, Brent Warner, Richard Jones (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Compelling Conversations - Japan: Questions and Quotations for High-Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners deploys a range of speaking activities, vocabulary expansion lessons, classic quotations, and search-and-share internet activities. This fluency-focused English as a Foreign Language (EFL) conversation textbook includes 12 thematic chapters that explore daily life in Japan and develop English skills. Written by a team of experienced English teachers, this book expands upon the popular communicative techniques used in prior Compelling Conversations books and focuses on the specific needs of Japanese English language learners. This title is the fourth book in the critically-acclaimed Compelling Conversations series and the third book created for English language learners inside a country (United States, Vietnam). The three authors have taught English to college students and working professionals for a total of over 40 years, including 17 years inside Japan.Designed to help Japanese English language learners describe their lives, share their experiences, and develop their critical thinking skills, the innovative conversation book includes activities for asking questions, paraphrasing proverbs, expressing opinions, comparing ideas, discussing Japanese objects, and giving reviews. Each chapter also concludes with a communicative exercise where students find articles/videos online, summarize the material, and evaluate the information. These speaking activities provide many opportunities for college students and adult professionals to develop, deepen, and practice their speaking skills in English. Chapter titles are: Getting the Conversation Started; Going Beyond Hello, Home Sweet Home; Eating and Drinking; Exploring Daily Habits; Being Yourself; Making and Keeping Friends; Pet Peeves; Taking Photographs; Talking About Movies; Learning in School; and Exploring Cities. The Resources and Notes includes reproducible instructor evaluation, peer review, and self-evaluation forms for student presentations. Recommended EFL resources, an index of quotations, and an index of proverbs are also provided. Chapter sections consist of: Sharing Experiences, Vocabulary Expansion, Culture Corner, Ask More Questions, Photographs to Start Conversations, Paraphrasing Proverbs, Pronunciation Practice, The Conversation Continues, Discussing Quotations, Tell Me About Japan ... in English, and Search and Share webquests.

About the Author

ERIC H. ROTH teaches international graduate students the pleasures and perils of academic writing and public speaking in English. Holding the title of master lecturer at the University of Southern California (USC)., he has won two USC teaching with technology awards and frequently presented at CATESOL and TESOL conferences. Roth has also co-authored four books in the Compelling Conversations textbook series for English language learners and taught English and writing courses for over 20 years. SHIGGY ICHINOMIYA is a professional photographer, recreational triathelete, and English materials writer. After graduating from Boston University with a major in English, he moved to Japan, taught English to adults and children for a decade, and learned Japanese. Upon moving to California, Ichinomiya refocused on photography and created, a website to help English language learners. BRENT WARNER teaches English as a a lecturer at USC in the International Academy. He also received his Masters in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language from USC and taught English in Japan for over ten years. Warner created and his weekly podcast has won critical accalim and a niche audience of serious educators. Warner is also the author of the EFL ebook, How to Pass the TOEFLibt Test.
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ISBN: 9780984798575
ISBN-10: 0984798579
Publisher: Chimayo Press
Publication Date: August 7th, 2015
Pages: 182
Language: English
Series: Compelling Conversations