We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World (Paperback)

We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World By Sandra Mendelson Cover Image
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In 2012, while doing body work on a horse named Emilion, Sandra Mendelson received a series of messages from her equine client that dismantled her entire understanding of human versus non-human capabilities, perception and spiritual awareness and set her life on a course she could never have predicted.

For nearly three years, she clung to her skepticism, accumulating "real world proof"-- solving problems for humans by receiving solutions from their pets--before she could believe the insights she was receiving from the horses. The level of their wisdom was nothing short of what we've come to expect from the teachings of spiritual thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and, posthumously, Wayne Dyer.

Once she could finally embrace that, what the horses called "The Voice of All Life: Consciousness Itself" could be transmitted through a non-human, numerous species of the land, sea and air -- both in body and in spirit --began to come through with incredible messages for humanity.

In this first book of the We Walk Beside You series, the animals correct our misconceptions about their behavior, reveal the energetic focus, intention and meaning of their lives, and, mostly, offer their insights to help humans survive and thrive ​with more love, joy, sense of purpose and understanding.

You may never look at a non-human the same way again.

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ISBN: 9780999270400
ISBN-10: 0999270400
Publisher: Sandra Mendelson
Publication Date: February 9th, 2019
Pages: 198
Language: English