Here Lies Arthur (Hardcover)

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In 1539, Glastonbury Abbey, one of the great holy houses in England, was ordered suppressed by King Henry VIII. One of the largest and richest monasteries in the country, Glastonbury was the site of the tomb of King Arthur and it attracted tens of thousands of pilgrims every year to worship and visit the shrine of the great legendary king. But when the king sent his soldiers to destroy the tomb and despoil the abbey, when they arrived at Glastonbury, the tomb was gone. The magnificent tomb had simply disappeared. Four hundred years later, Lionel Kemmer, a visiting scholar at Queens College, plans on publishing a book in which he reveals what happened to the tomb-but he is murdered before he can reveal his discovery. It falls to Professor Bradley Davison, the hero of the Caltrap Murders, to assist the NYPD in discovering not only who murdered Kemmer as the first in a series of brutal serial killings, but also to learn what happened to King Arthur's Tomb. Brad Davison, a renowned Medieval scholar and the Director of the Center for Medieval Studies at Queens College, must use all his skills as a researcher to aid the police in uncovering what could quite possibly be the greatest archeological discovery of the Twentieth Century.
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ISBN: 9781458329769
ISBN-10: 1458329763
Publication Date: March 20th, 2022
Pages: 358
Language: English