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The Cessna 172 Training Manual is a detailed guide to the popular Cessna 172 aircraft. The book provides straight forward easy to understand explanations of the aircraft systems, flight operations, and performance, illustrated with a variety of photographs, diagrams, schematics and tables. The information has been compiled from a vast number of engineering manuals and operating handbooks for the C172 series, and from the authors' in depth personal experience as commercial pilots, instructors and examiners on the aircraft. The book is ideal for type transition training or for learning to fly, as a supplement to the information provided by a qualified flight instructor, and a companion to a structured training program through an approved provider. Experienced pilots will also find useful tips and information to improve their flight standards, and the book is a great instructional aid for C172 instructors. The book is aimed at Cessna 172 pilots, however enthusiasts, virtual pilots, and engineers can also enjoy the information provided. Other books available in the series: Cessna 152 Training Manual Cessna 182 Training Manual Cessna 206 Training Manual Cessna 210 Training Manual About the Authors: Both authors are professional pilots, with a variety of experience from military jets to airliners. Both have experience as charter pilots on a variety of Cessna aircraft, and are also qualified instructors and examiners on the Cessna single engine aircraft they write about. Visit http: //www.redskyventures.org for more information about the authors and other books published by Red Sky Ventures.

About the Author

Danielle Bruckert and Oleg Roud are professional pilots, instructors and examiners on the Cessna series of aircraft they write about. They now both fly for airlines, however both remain active in general aviation, providing instruction and check flights on light aircraft. Oleg began flying fighter and transport jets in the Former Soviet military, immigrating to Southern Africa after the collapse, to fly charter operations mainly on the Cessna aircraft, and airline operations on the Beech 1900 and Embraer 135. Danielle began flight training in New Zealand, and left for africa to gain experience in charter operations on Cessna singles and twins, and later joined the national airline in Namibia, flying the Beech 1900 and Boeing 737. Their motivation to write the books was to improve training and thus operating standards in the general aviation sector (the non-airline civil aviation sector), especially for light aircraft in private and charter operations. Training has been identified by the FAA, and other civil aviation authorities, as a major cause of light aircraft accidents, Oleg and Danielle hope the Cessna Training Manual series will help to improve training standards by improving the information available for pilots. Oleg and Danielle based the Cessna Training Manuals format on the progression of a typical training syllabus and information normally provided for training on larger aircraft, where there is stricter control over standards. Contact Danielle or Oleg through the contact page at Red Sky Venture's main site, http: //www.redskyventures.org, or send an email to the address provided in the front of the books.
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