Turning a School Around: Key Considerations for Real Success (Paperback)

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Currently in education everyone is debating what is required to turn around struggling campuses. Some argue the need for additional programs, some suggest merit pay to bring in and retain the most effective teachers. What this book will argue is that is rests solely on the shoulders of the principal. As the book will discuss, it is the principals job to hire and train quality teachers to ensure students receive the high quality instruction they deserve. In order for principals to accomplish this task, there are certain aspects of instructional leadership they must understand and be able to put into practice. Principals first and foremost must truly understand instruction. Principals must understand how to evaluate students and teachers through formative assessment. Principals have to find ways to get into classrooms as opposed to finding ways that keep them out. Finally, principals must understand data well enough that they can truly hear the story the data is telling. It is through these aspects of instructional leadership that principals are able turn campuses around.

About the Author

Josh Martin, Ed.D. has been a Texas educator for 17 years. In that time he has served as teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and currently works in central office at Farmersville ISD as the Chief Academics Officer. In each of these roles, he has been driven to work for the best in kids. In his current position, working for the best in kids comes from his work mentoring teachers and campus administrators to provide the best learning environments possible.
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