Writing Stories: Ideas, Exercises, and Encouragement for Teachers and Writers of All Ages (Paperback)

Writing Stories: Ideas, Exercises, and Encouragement for Teachers and Writers of All Ages By Carolyn Coman Cover Image


Award-winning author Carolyn Coman has made a career out of writing stories for children and young adults as well as teaching writing to people of all ages. She believes that the essence of good writing, no matter the genre, is the ability to craft a solid story. In this innovative book, Carolyn provides advice, strategies, and inspiration focusing on the key elements of stories: character development, plot, voice and dialogue, point of view, and place and time.

Carolyn confesses her own struggles with writing and helps make the writing process less intimidating for students and teachers alike. “I am speaking directly to you—the writing teacher who writes, or who wants to write, or is tiptoeing toward writing scared to death. Everything in this book about writing is for you, too—every tip and exercise and encouragement.”

About the Author

Carolyn Coman has been writing books for children and teaching writing for more than twenty years. Her books include What Jamie SawMany StonesThe Big House,and her latest, The Memory Bank, a graphic storybook created with artist Rob Shepperson.

Carolyn received her bachelor's degree in writing from Hampshire College and is a National Book Award Finalist and Newbury Honor winner for What Jamie Saw. She currently teaches the Whole Novel Workshop (offered through the Highlights Foundation) to emerging novelists. She also visits classrooms to discuss her books with students.

Before becoming a full-time writer and teacher, Carolyn worked as a hand bookbinder and editor.

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ISBN: 9781571108715
ISBN-10: 1571108718
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Publication Date: May 16th, 2011
Pages: 192
Language: English