Latin for Bird Lovers: Over 3,000 Bird Names Explored and Explained (Hardcover)

Latin for Bird Lovers: Over 3,000 Bird Names Explored and Explained By Roger Lederer, Carol Burr Cover Image
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While Latin is officially an "ancient" language, it's useful in so many areas of modern life, including bird watching. Birdwatchers need a universal language when they're speaking about birds, since common names vary by region. Latin for Bird Lovers answers this call, introducing more than 3,000 words to describe birds. Packed with tips on using Latin to identify birds by color, size, and behavior, this gorgeously illustrated, informative guide is perfect for birdwatchers, nature lovers, and both experts and beginners in ornithology and etymology. 

About the Author

Dr. Roger Lederer is a professor of biological sciences at California State University, Chico. He has published papers and books on ecology, science education, and ornithology. Dr. Lederer has served as a consultant to governments, schools, and organizations like BBC, National Geographic, National Public Radio, National Canadian Television, the Guinness Book of World Records, and many others through his popular website,

Carol Burr has a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. She taught literature at California State University, Chico, for 37 years before retiring in 2008. She has authored articles and edited books on women writers and sense of place. Most recently she illustrated a local bird guide The Birds of Bidwell Park.

Praise For…

“Scientific names, those sometimes cumbersome binomial identifiers, can be more entertaining than we may imagine—a point driven home by Latin for Bird Lovers.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Lederer and Burr enliven things with more than 250 colorful and detailed images, genus profiles, stories about famous birders and short hits on topics such as beaks, feathers, bird songs and calls, and migration. It makes for a reference work with entertainment value.” —Chicago Tribune

“This beautifully illustrated dictionary of 3,000 bird names trots out enlightening trivia.” —The Week

“Sheds light on some of the world’s most colorful and interesting birds.” —BirdWatching

“Gorgeous illustrations fill the pages, making this Latin-heavy guide flutter to life with every brush stroke. All I can say is, checking out this book will be a real feather in your cap.” —The Columbian

“A beautiful book. The illustrations are exquisite and the colors are very vivid. . . . This would be a wonderful reference book for the bird lover to have on hand.” —Happy Little Bookworm

“An entertaining book, suitable for leisurely reading or as a present.” —Tringa
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Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
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