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In this temporal world, the fruit of Christ's disciples is truly eternal. Within Eternal Fruit: Discipleship in Southern Sudan, missionaries Sam and Ginny Cannata share their inspiring real-life story of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a remote area in Africa. By following God's call to a small Sudanese tribe, the Cannatas discovered firsthand the amazing fruit that comes from making disciples, even those in the most distant, faraway lands. By sharing the wonderful blessings that God brought forth in that remote tribe in southern Sudan, the Cannatas have documented their life-changing travels, trials, and triumphs so that believers everywhere could discover the limitless power of a God who desires to change their own lives as well. After spending thirty-seven years serving and preaching to the people of east and southern Africa, the Cannatas have experienced the ultimate victories and the most challenging hardships of the missionary life, from their arrest in Ethiopia to miraculous moments of witnessing Africans giving their lives to Christ. In Eternal Fruit, you'll join the Cannatas along their autobiographical journey through the wilderness and wonder of their Sudanese mission, where they learned about the significance of discipleship and having a covenant relationship with God, two spiritual topics that are very important for the church to understand. With much of the book written by Sam Cannata, Ginny, his wife, completed his manuscript after his passing in 2017, hoping to place it into the hands of fellow Christians. May this book stir your heart to rekindle your love for Jesus, your passion for making disciples, and your appreciation for a covenant relationship with God. Open your eyes to the saving grace of Christ as you step into life on the mission field, and be encouraged to place your faith in the one who holds the world.
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ISBN: 9781632217752
ISBN-10: 1632217759
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 28th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English