Abandoned Cincinnati (America Through Time) (Paperback)

Abandoned Cincinnati (America Through Time) By Samuel Wright Smith Cover Image
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Dust, shards of glass, gravel, and grit coat heavy vines that spiral down empty stairs. They're more than concrete and steel--as nature takes over abandoned buildings, they come alive. Through journalistic and experimental photographs, Sam Smith aims to capture the unique architectural character, mood, and mind of Cincinnati's dilapidated buildings.

Discover the rich history of Queen City's vacant structures as they rose and fell. Step inside a 150-year-old ornate cathedral, a middle school auditorium, the skyscraper office of Cincinnati's once largest employer, and a four-story furnace room that was used to manufacture ammunition for World War I. From an amusement park to a chemical research facility turned into a chop shop, disuse has brought brevity to these abandoned structures. Experience the ruins of Queen City as they find new life through decay.

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ISBN: 9781634992480
ISBN-10: 1634992482
Publisher: America Through Time
Publication Date: September 28th, 2020
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: America Through Time