Pilgrimage into the Womb of a Bantu Dynasty (Paperback)

Pilgrimage into the Womb of a Bantu Dynasty By Clement Akuo-Ehohnzi Cover Image
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Pilgrimage into the Womb of a Bantu Dynasty is an epic poem that explores the philosophical and traditional religious system of a 14th-century Dynasty that was fractured by many factors, including the triangular slave trade. It's a story about a teenage boy whose greatness was prophesied on his circumcision.

He was born preterm and ended up in the hands of an extended family member who passed away, leaving him at a teenage age as his mother did during his birth. In going through hard life and mistreatment, Nnam begins to self-educate to understand his environment and the traditional belief system. By the time he turns 25, he hadn't only become a proficient healer, and an indispensable theologian, standing parallel to the new European belief tenets that gained momentum as slavery gradually comes to an end. Even though a crusader of peace, Nnam successfully leads his people to a battle of land acquisition. As the ancestors' oracle, he attains the greatest wish to understand the mystery surrounding death in a revelation.

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ISBN: 9781638290001
ISBN-10: 1638290008
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: January 6th, 2023
Pages: 88
Language: English