Self-Care Check-In: A Guided Journal to Build Healthy Habits and Devote Time to You (Paperback)

Self-Care Check-In: A Guided Journal to Build Healthy Habits and Devote Time to You By GG Renee Hill Cover Image
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Unlock joy and cultivate growth—guided journaling with practical self care strategies

Self care isn't about escaping life's problems—it can actually help you solve them. The Self Care Check-in is a guided journal packed with research-based techniques to help you manage stress, nurture your values and goals, and take steps toward concrete change. Equipped with these tools, you can open the door to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Actionable journal prompts and inspiring quotes guide you through thoughtful reflection, goal-setting, decision-making, and active planning. Identify unhelpful behavioral patterns along with positive creative impulses and discover how to make constructive adjustments in your life. Commit to happiness by committing to self care!

This self care workbook includes:
  • 3 steps to self care—Each exercise begins with observation and awareness, focuses your intentions, and then guides you toward practical change.
  • Creative space—Work your way from thoughts to action plans with a colorful, easy-to-use format that includes room to write.
  • Everyday exercises—Every short one- or two-page exercise stands on its own, so you can flip through and find the perfect self care strategy for your needs in the moment.

Discover how even small, simple choices can cultivate greater joy and wellness with the Self Care Check-in journal.

About the Author

GG RENEE HILL is an author and workshop facilitator who helps others discover and express their truths through writing. She brings her experience as a self-help memoirist and creative coach to the books, courses, and workshops she offers on her website, Through her offerings, she advocates for self-discovery and emotional awareness through writing.

Praise For…

“GG is a transparency, a beautiful space for light to shine through into this world. I saw it when we first worked together nearly a decade ago, and I see it now, in full splendor! Let GG and her Self-Care Check-In guide you to that same brilliant, transparency, to an inner peace that nothing can shake.” —Nikki Walton, licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher

“This is the perfect book for people who want to care for themselves beyond the stereotypical bubble bath. With exercises for self-reflection and suggested action steps, GG Hill makes it easy for you to not only care for yourself in tangible ways but also shift habits and behaviors that aren't serving you. If that's not the ultimate goal of self-care, I don't know what is!” —Jennifer Sterling, MS, CNS, R-DMT, LCAT-lp, Dance/Movement Psychotherapist

“If you want a self-care practice that goes beyond the hashtag, beyond the aspirational value, and beyond the cute spa day surface, this book of GG’s will give you just that. With gentle but penetrative guidance, GG allows her readers to not only tour their past experiences but also decide and put into movement how they’d like to shape their new ones. GG is an authority for showcasing how the written word can be a magnificent tool for healing and manifesting. This journal is absolute nourishment.” —Tracy G., wellness artist and founder of She's Beauty and The Beast
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ISBN: 9781646116607
ISBN-10: 1646116607
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020
Pages: 166
Language: English