New Moves: A Theological Odyssey (Paperback)

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Drew G. I. Hart, who teaches at Messiah University, has said that Weaver's memoir is "A must-read for the pews and the classroom that ultimately should lead us to the streets." Written for lay readers as well as interested theologians, this memoir displays how a theological career develops and a new theological doctrine emerges. New Moves reveals the author's wandering path from Mennonite Sunday school boy to the author of a trend-setting work of atonement theology that attracted praise and hostility. Writings as varied as the war memoirs of Charles de Gaulle and works by black, womanist, and feminist theologians both altered the author's career arc and made major contributions to his theological products.

The author's key theological move was to reject and then pose an alternative to the satisfaction atonement image. Since its articulation by Anselm of Canterbury, this image has been a dominant atonement motif among Christian traditions for nearly 900 years.

Integral to the discussion of the career arc is New Move's development of this new atonement image. The author's initial efforts were attempts to develop an image that would reflect the commitment to nonviolence of his inherited Mennonite tradition. However, the encounter with Black Theology made clear that the issues concerned all Christians and revolved around Jesus' rejection of the sword. The result has found acceptance in ecumenical circles as well as his Mennonite tradition.

A bonus of this memoir is that through it readers will also gain an overview of the elements of the author's systematic theology for all Christians.

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