Raether's Enzyme (Paperback)

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Megan's body holds the secret answer to a million prayers.

Now the secret is out and it is her turn to pray.

A mysterious substance, Raether's enzyme, has the power to prevent and cure cancer. It is the rarest of genetic gifts. It requires surgery to harvest.

Hackers have raided medical databases for the names and addresses of likely donors and published them on the internet.

The hunt is on.

Megan Bishop looks like easy prey. Young and isolated, she will have to be quick and smart to evade the rogue bounty hunters sent to capture her by a twisted financial genius who seeks to weaponize mercy in his quest for power and vengeance.

She will face betrayal and sacrifice. She will find herself at the gates of paranoia as the world closes in on the miracle within her. Her only way out may be to find the wisdom and courage to harness the strange power of Raether's enzyme.

Raether's Enzyme is a thriller with a dash of science fiction. It shares a grounded contemporary setting with Neal Stephenson's Reamde. To borrow from Ursula LeGuin, it is a tale of an ambiguous dystopia, where a scientific discovery promises deliverance to the many as it imperils the few. It is a superhero origin story where the mutant power in play offers hope and life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735183909
ISBN-10: 1735183903
Publisher: Tensile Press
Publication Date: October 21st, 2020
Pages: 444
Language: English