All Knotted Up: The Price Of Fame (Paperback)

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Every God Wants To Be Naked And Famous

Rosmerta O'Ceallaigh has finally figured out how to sing and play her lute like the most bad-arse of bards. But she's about to learn the hard way that there is more to becoming a musician than simply strapping on her instrument and dropping tunes to a crowd. When a meteoric rise to fame sees the na ve young woman sign a questionable contract with an undead King Arthur, she has to learn to navigate all the pitfalls of a life in the limelight. What's more, she's harbouring a terrible secret - all she can play are covers of eighties tunes from centuries in the future.

When last we left Gudleik Sigbjornsson, he was paying the heaviest price possible for his arrogant abuse of Loki's blessing. Rescued from certain death by his best friend Porsi, Gudleik has to navigate the gloryhole-ridden maze that is the city of Mimir's Rest if he wants to become the skald he is destined to be. Eyja Randulfsson, Queen of the Underworld, is doing everything in her power to see him dead and buried. Having taken Loki's advice and influence to the very limit, Gudleik starts to question whether or not the god of trickery is really on his side.

As Rosmerta finds allies and advocates to help her navigate the harsh realities of fame, she comes dangerously close to discovering one of the best-kept mysteries of original creation. And when Gudleik decides to start listening to his patron god of poetry, Bragi, he starts to see that the power of his own heart can set him free from even the most nefarious of circumstances.

Will our two heroes manage to survive their trials by filthy joke-laced fire?

All Knotted Up: The Price Of Fame is the second book in the Druid Trilogy comedic fantasy series. If you like the air thick with blue humor, extremely quirky characters, and irreverently distorted legends, then you'll love Andrew Marc Rowe's hilarious adventure.

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ISBN: 9781777106997
ISBN-10: 1777106990
Publisher: Sophic Press
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English