Eczema: How to Ditch the Itch (Paperback)

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The word doctor comes from the Latin word 'docere', which means 'to teach'. But endless paperwork means doctors don't have enough time to be effective teachers, so medical visits are restricted to diagnosing and prescribing. Eczema is one of those conditions where patient education is crucial yet incredibly time consuming. A 20-minute appointment for a new diagnosis of eczema will never be long enough, and can do more harm than good. Out of my frustration with the time restraints in public healthcare, I began to write down what I wish patients knew about eczema to help get them better. It all ended up in this book. Now that I have done my part, it is up to you to pick up this book. Wanting to learn about your condition is one of the most important aspects of self-care. You deserve to stop suffering. Ditch the itch, for good.

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ISBN: 9781839751271
ISBN-10: 1839751274
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English