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More so than even the sea, the world of aviation has spawned an amazing store of tales of ghosts, the supernatural and inexplicable events, ghostly bombers and phantom aircrew on long-deserted airfields, prophetic warnings from beyond the grave, restless spirits apparently drawn back to places from which they flew.

This book looks in dispassionate detail at many of these stories. More than just repeating well-worn legends and myths, Echoes in the Air relates the background to these ghostly tales, based on eye-witness accounts and historical facts.

The Montrose ghost, the haunted watch tower at East Kirby and the messages from the doomed R101 crew are all investigated. So too are the specters of Eastern Airlines Flight 401, the phantom Polish airman at Lindholme, the North Weald ghosts, and stories from the author's own experiences as a WWII bomber pilot. The book is illustrated throughout with historical material, and specially commissioned photographs taken at the haunted airfields themselves.

Reprinted, the final work from the renowned aviation author Jack Currie, Echoes in the Air is set to become the classic collection of aviation ghost stories.

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ISBN: 9781910809495
ISBN-10: 1910809497
Publisher: Crecy Publishing
Publication Date: May 15th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English