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Best-selling author of Victory Over the Darkness, Bondage Breaker, and Steps to Freedom in Christ delivers Restored. Definition of the word Restored: re.stored (ri-'stor-d); to bring back to or put back into a former or original state Whether you are just learning about Jesus or have been a Christian for years, Neil Anderson awakens you to your true identity, showing you how to step free from your past and walk into life restored - the way God intended. This book starts literally at the beginning with, Creation, the Fall, the Gospel and move into how to have a deep abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Overview: Chapter 1 Redemption History The Creation The Fall The Gospel Saved By the Grace of God Through Faith The Defeat of Satan A Call to Repentance Chapter 2 Overcoming False Guidance The Need to Renounce Demonic Forces at Work Taking a Verbal Stand Bringing Everything into the Light Beginning Step One Praying for the Right Guidance Non-Christian Spiritual Checklist Choose the Truth Chapter 3 Overcoming Deception Truth Liberates The Need for Honesty Satan Is the Deceiver Standing Against the Deception Going Through Step Two Ways you can be deceived by the world Ways to deceive yourself Ways to wrongly defend yourself Doctrinal Affirmation Exposing Lies and Affirming Truth Chapter 4 Overcoming the Bondage of Bitterness Why Some People Resist Forgiveness Beginning Step Three Making the List Dealing with Self and God Releasing Bitterness Toward God Thoughts Raised Up Against God Giving Up Our Right to Blame Give Satan No Advantage Justice, Mercy, and Grace What to Avoid Getting to the Emotional Core Preparing Your Hearts As They Pray Emotions Vary Facing the Pain and Moving On Develop an Identity List Seeking Forgiveness from Others Chapter 5 Overcoming Rebellion Who is in Control? Learn to Trust God Living Under Authority Relating to Authority Trust God's Protection Deal with Abuse The Meaning of Submission Submission, Rebellion, and the Search for Significance Identity Determines Significance Dealing with Rebellion Areas of Rebellion Chapter 6 Overcoming Pride The Ugly Five-Letter Word Self-Sufficiency Has a Price False and True Humility Avenues of Pride A Biblical View of Our Worth Going Through Step Five Healing Follows Humility Chapter 7 Overcoming Habitual Sin Consequences to Wrong Choices The Effects of Addiction Going Through Step Six Understanding Sexual Bondages Sexual Bonding Breaking Sexual Bonding Prayers for Specific Problems Pornography Homosexuality Abortion Suicidal Tendencies Eating Disorders or Self-Mutilation Substance Abuse Conclusion Chapter 8 Overcoming Ancestral Sins The Influence of Heritage Going Through Step Seven Maintaining Your Freedom Daily Prayer and Declaration Bedtime Prayer Prayer for Spiritual Cleansing Home/Apartment/Room Prayer for Living in a Non-Christian Environment In Christ.
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ISBN: 9781933383392
ISBN-10: 1933383399
Publisher: Freedom in Christ Ministries
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 166
Language: English