Reclaim Your Voice (Paperback)

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In Reclaim Your Voice, vocal coach Jaime Vendera presents simple steps for maintaining a healthy voice and keeping the vocal cords in top shape. If you've suffered from vocal loss, hoarse voice, bad vocal habits that are creating vocal issues that lead to cancelled gigs, or you just want to learn better vocal habits and ramp up your vocal training game, then Reclaim Your Voice is the answer. This book is the compilation of four of Jaime's eBooks:

Voice RX - A simple system for regaining your voice after a night of shouting or over-singing. The perfect solution when you need to recover from hoarseness in record time for a performance or recording session.

Vocal RESET - A simple program for discovering the root of your vocal issues and eliminating bad vocal habits. If your sore throat or hoarseness lasts longer than a week, it's time to RESET the voice.

The Air & Water Diet - A simple plan to increase air and water intake for a healthier body and singing voice. It's not a diet, but a singer's way of life

PractiSing - A unique method for overcoming "vocal practice procrastination" and turbo-charging your practice mindset for all-day-long vocal training sessions.

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ISBN: 9781936307302
ISBN-10: 1936307308
Publisher: Vendera Publishing
Publication Date: February 18th, 2013
Pages: 90
Language: English