Coloring Book For Men: Skull Designs: Black Background (Paperback)

Coloring Book For Men: Skull Designs: Black Background Cover Image
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Coloring Book For Guys - Featuring Skull Designs

No part of the human body is as easy to identify as the skull, the bony protective structure that houses our brain and provides structure for our face. Our fascination with skulls is no mystery as we can relate to skulls as the center of our being; our intelligence, our personality, and our face.

Coloring skulls is not just entertaining but also filled with mystery and intrigue. It makes us wonder about the history behind a person's life and death. Skulls are both familiar and intriguing at the same time.

A Men's Coloring Book Designed Just For Men

Each skull in this collection of designs in our adult coloring books for men has its own personality. From the skull surrounded by flowers to the skull of a salty sailor, each image has its own allure. This group of classic skulls includes a skull with a viperous snake weaving its way in and out through the eye sockets and wrapping itself around the front with bared fangs. In addition, there are skulls with their own personal style: skulls with funky hairstyles, beards, mustaches, hats, shades, and headphones who scream out, "I am unique with a one of a kind personality "

With so many to choose from you'll be drawn to the Native American styles as well as those resembling your biker pals with knives, winged skull caps, and head rags to name a few. Some of them are just plain creepy, but you'll be surprised when you find a strange resemblance to someone you know while coloring these wild skulls. The black background makes these images even more outstanding as the bold black color brings out the crazy in each design in a way that only the pitch black night can do.

In addition to the skulls, there are a variety of psychedelic designs and nature-inspired designs. The repeating patterns will send you into a spin with the loops and swoops that seem to be unending. The interlocking patterns and the non-uniform parade of lines and shapes will keep your mind busy for hours as you fill in the spaces of these amazing designs. This book is perfect for just about any man. Give Coloring Book For Men: Skull Designs: Black Background a try and bring out a new dimension to your wild side. This skull coloring book for men makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for dads, sons, uncles, brothers, grandpas, or male friends

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944427962
ISBN-10: 1944427961
Publisher: Art Therapy Coloring
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2016
Pages: 92
Language: English