That Kynd of Person (Paperback)

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Discover the life-changing wisdom and actionable

strategies within "Becoming Your Kynd Of Person" by

Dr. Kylie Bragdon. Have you ever felt that you were

living a life shaped by societal expectations and endless

personal sacrifices? Dr.Bragdon, a self-empowerment

advocate and motivational coach, knows that feeling all

too well. Join her as she unveils her unique journey and

demonstrates through the Kynd System how to regain

control of your life. This text is your guide to making a

profound shift, beginning TODAY

The pages of "Becoming Your Kynd Of Person" resonate

with Kylie's own struggles and experiences, making it a

deeply personal and relatable read. If you've ever felt

the weight of societal norms, this book and workbook

combination are your keys to liberation. The Kynd

System is not a quick fix; instead, it's a comprehensive

blueprint for lasting transformation. It begins with an indepth

self-assessment, followed by teaching you

practical goal setting techniques to help you define your

vision for a life you love. With your priorities clearly

outlined, your adventure in personal development

begins immediately.

The innovative workbook structure, included as an

integral part of this inspirational experience, will help

you apply the system's principles to your unique

circumstances. The holistic approach will also support

your personal transformation in all aspects of your life.

"Becoming Your Kynd Of Person'' isn't just a book; it's a

comprehensive life-altering system equipped with

opportunities to develop skills to promote your longterm

success. Make the choice to empower yourself,

embrace your authentic path, and unlock the potential

for the relationships, career, and lifestyle you've always

dreamt of. It's time to unapologetically choose you.

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ISBN: 9781948807371
ISBN-10: 1948807378
Publisher: Line by Lion Publications
Publication Date: November 18th, 2023
Pages: 150
Language: English