SAFE with Bears: Bear Conflict Survival Guide (Paperback)

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authoritative volume providing details for staying out of a bear's mouth. For those who know more about bears, information in this book could save your life. Too many people do not know about safety from bears. The answers to many questions about this 4-legged predator abound in this book. The weaponry of the North American bears is no match for man. Injuries inflicted by bears run the gamut.

Contrary to popular belief, bears are NOT cuddly critters to which mankind can bond. Quite the opposite. If your pet Doberman can kill you, how much easier would it be for a wild animal to achieve the same results? Kaniut discusses the causes for attacks, primarily defensive or predatory. Stories of specific attacks provide ample evidence of the bear's craftiness and power, and the need for man's bear-oriented knowledge.

Starting with the habituated bear, the most dangerous of all, Kaniut lists those items that attract bears, those that deter the animals, and what to look for if you are in bear territory. Along with the bear's nature, the author covers numerous myths and talks about the new bear--the one man has cozied up to in order to be tolerant. The author addresses pepper spray in the section on "spraying and playing."

In way too many cases, the public blames man for his bear-related injuries...or death, even prioritizing bears as more valuable than mankind. Kaniut shares multiple types of weapons used to stop bears. And he makes a strong argument for the necessity for a bonafide weapon, one which will not tickle but will drop the curtain on bruin.

Some of the information cites bear "experts" dispensing advice that is either wrong or contradictory to that of other "experts." Kaniut pleas for public safety and provides a formula for safety from bear attacks.

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