Xing Yi Quan: Art of Inner Transformation (Paperback)

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Literally translated as "Form-Intention Boxing," Xing Yi Quan emphasizes internal movement within external stillness. Practicing Xing Yi trains the practitioner to actualize the instinctive, hair-trigger reactions of the human body in direct, powerful movements. Xing Yi training focuses on natural, integrated movement, whole body breathing, and the movement of Qi (vital energy), rather than external technique. Rooted in Daoist meditation and longevity practices, and Chinese medical and martial art traditions dating back into antiquity, Xing Yi Quan training draws upon ancient Daoist meditation and inner alchemical practices that transform the body's internal structure, while confronting and dispelling extraneous thoughts to actualize true Intention, thereby providing the practitioner with a comprehensive method of actualizing his or her own inherent potential.

Xing Yi Quan: Art of Inner Transformation is not a how-to book. In this fascinating meditation on the art of Xing Yi Quan and its many applications to life and living, author Tom Bisio discusses the many facets of this ancient art:

- What is Xing Yi Quan?
- The Relationship of Xing Yi Quan to Daoism
- Xing Yi Quan and the Five Elements
- The Health Benefits of Xing Yi Quan
- Xing Yi Quan Training
- Suitability of Xing Yi Quan for Different Ages & Lifestyles
- Xing Yi Quan as a Martial Art
- Xing Yi Quan as a Psycho-Spiritual Path

Xing Yi Quan has five key movements, known as The Five Elements, or The Five Fists. Each of the Five Fists has a specific internal action and intention that is simultaneously energy enhancing, combative, and strengthens and harmonizes the internal organs. Practicing the Five Fists cultivates Qi and develops practical fighting skills. In Xing Yi Quan: Art of Inner Transformation Tom Bisio explains how the postures and movements of Xing Yi Quan open the body's energy pathways (meridians), promoting health and well-being, while simultaneously arousing and enlivening the Qi, so that there is no gap between intention and action.

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