Templym's Protectors (Paperback)

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It is the year 2722. After centuries of toil, from the global catastrophe of the Shatter, the barbarism of the Age of Anarchy, and the tyranny of the Tyrranis Period, Templym has arisen. Under the command of the prophet Arodi Auzlanten, armies of the Scourge combat demonic forces known as Mundus Imago that would see the utopia in flames. Join task force S-6319 as they hunt an enigmatic figure known as Knox Mortis and seek to bring him to justice. This hunt takes them across the diverse cities across the world that make up Templym. Meanwhile, Arodi Auzlanten himself searches the shadows for a cursed tome, the Idolacreid, and its demonic author.
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ISBN: 9781977238740
ISBN-10: 1977238742
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: March 5th, 2021
Pages: 608
Language: English