Racecraft: How to beat even your fastest opponents (Paperback)

Racecraft: How to beat even your fastest opponents By Dominik Arntz Cover Image
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Motorsport is so fascinating because the drivers have to make decisions within a very short time. Throttle position, steering wheel angle, strategy, position of one's own vehicle and the competitors: Everything changes on the race track in fractions of a second. Drivers must be able to anticipate and analyse every movement of the opponents around them and react with lightning speed. Those drivers who can not only drive fast, but are also able to correctly assess racing situations at any time and react accordingly, are said to have a high level of racecraft. This book is for all (hobby) racers who want to make better decisions on the race track and increase their racecraft. In 50 race scenarios, the reader can slip into the role of a driver, weigh his options, make decisions and look at the solutions to see whether he was right with his decisions and if not, why not. In 10 concrete exercises for the racetrack, practical work can also be done on racecraft.
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ISBN: 9783754336489
ISBN-10: 3754336487
Publisher: Books on Demand
Publication Date: December 17th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English