Red Light Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy (Paperback)

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If there were a pill that was scientifically proven to help you look 10 years younger, lose fat, improve hormonal health, fight pain and inflammation, increase strength/endurance, heal faster, improve your brain health and increase your energy levels, it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster drug.

Doctors all over the world would call it a "miracle drug," and millions of people would be told to start taking it.

Here's the crazy part: That "drug" exists.

But it's not a pill. It's red light therapy

Did you know that light has the power to heal your body and optimize your health?

Of course, everyone knows about the importance of vitamin D from sunlight (from UV light). But few are aware that there is another type of light that may be just as vital to our health - red and near-infrared light.

You may have even already heard about the benefits of red light therapy or seen ads for various devices.

But maybe you're skeptical and think it's all just hype or pseudoscience.

Believe it or not, there are now over 3,000 scientific studies proving the powerful health and anti-aging benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy

This book will take you on a deep dive into the science of how to use red/near-infrared light therapy to improve your health, your body and your life in dozens of ways.
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ISBN: 9798497166484
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2021
Pages: 28
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