The Unofficial Seinfeld Crossword Puzzles (Paperback)

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The Soup Nazi, The Bubbly Boy, Yada Yada, The Puffy Shirt, Bizzaro JerryThey're All Here

The "SEINFELD" TV Show Crossword Puzzle Book. Here are 50 hand-crafted, themed crossword puzzles which cover 59 episodes of ""SEINFELD", spanning all nine seasons. Each puzzle is based on a specific "SEINFELD" episode and all the clues are for that episode. I even list the season and episode number in the table of contents if you would like to refresh your memory.

I want to thank all the "SEINFELD" fans who have enjoyed my other books. THE UNOFFICIAL SEINFELD WORD SEARCH, JUMBLES, AND TRIVIA BOOK has sold over 25,000 copies and has over 250 reviews.

I have tried to choose some of the most popular episodes, for instance;

  • The Seinfeld Chronicles S1 E1
  • The Jacket S2 E3
  • The Busboy S2 E12
  • The Library S3 E5
  • The Tape S3 E8
  • The Limo S3 E19
  • The Bubble Boy S4 E7
  • The Pick S4 E13
  • The Implant S4 E19/20
  • The Puffy Shirt S5 E2
  • The Marine Biologist S5 E14
  • The Raincoats S5 E18/19
  • The Hamptons S5 E21
  • The Jimmy S6 E19
  • The Fusilli Jerry S6 E21
  • The Soup Nazi S7 E6
  • The Rye S7 E11
  • The Calzone S7 E20
  • The Bottle Deposit S7 E21/22
  • The Invitations S7 E24
  • The Bizarro Jerry S8 E3
  • The Abstinence S8 E9
  • The Yada Yada S8 E19
  • The Serenity Now S9 E3
  • The Finale S9 E 23/24
    And 25 more crosswords

I hope some of these are your favorites as well.

Here are some reviews from our #1 Best Seller - THE UNOFFICIAL SEINFELD WORD SEARCH, JUMBLES, AND TRIVIA

"This is quite a fun puzzle book Great book for Seinfeld fans - K.C.

"Super Fun" - M.W.

"Great puzzle book if you like Seinfeld" - A

"Must have for Friends fans" - B.T.

"I had a blast doing this book and hope it brings many hours of enjoyment"

This book will bring a smile to your face as you revisit the zany cast of characters on this "show about nothin

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