B. Elizabeth Beck, Missy Brownson, and Jan LaPerle discussing and signing Dancing on the Page, Hush Candy, and Maybe the Land Sings Back

Thursday, June 20, 2024 - 7:00pm
2692 Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45208

B. Elizabeth Beck, Missy Brownson, and Jan LaPerle discussing and signing Dancing on the Page, Hush Candy, and Maybe the Land Sings Back

Thursday, June 20 at 7pm ET 

Location: Joseph-Beth Cincinnati

Join us for B. Elizabeth Beck, Missy Brownson, and Jan LaPerle discussing and signing Dancing on the Page, Hush Candy, and Maybe the Land Sings Back. Optional RSVP is below, but not required to attend the event.


Dancing on the Page by B. Elizabeth Beck

"Read and be soothed. Dancing on the Page is a collection that reminds us of the generational memory power of music-that songs have always helped humans "to remember important stories", to make sense of our lives by bringing the order of an album (or a manuscript) to our experiences. As B. Elizabeth Beck moves fluidly through time in these poems, she offers the reader wisdom across the soundtrack of her life. "Nobody else will ever remember / you. Everyone too consumed / in their own reality..." We are free then-to dance, to deeply feel, to let go of what does not serve our song-the wrong husband might just introduce us to the right band. Beck makes an argument for music being the tool through which we most vividly experience memory; here we are reminded that 'music makes sense.'" -Amelia Martens, author of The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat.


B. Elizabeth Beck is a poet who writes fiction. Her fifth collection of poetry, Dancing on the Page, was published by Rabbit House Press April 16, 2024. Swan Songs, her debut collection of short stories will be published by Accents Publishing, also in 2024. She is the author of the Summer Tour Trilogy. Her work appears in journals and anthologies, including Poetica Magazine, Appalachian Review, Limestone Blue, and Harvard Education Press. Elizabeth is the founder of two poetry series: Teen Howl and Poetry at the /ˈtā-bəl/ in Lexington, Kentucky.



Hush Candy by Missy Brownson

In this accomplished and sure first collection, poet Missy Brownson revisits the venerable genre of domestic advice manuals, those 19th and 20th century compendia of wisdom designed to guide women (especially aspiring women of the rising middle class) in the exercise of their proper roles in the home and society. Her response is a wicked and witty rejoinder from the perspective of a contemporary woman navigating the changing and challenging terrain of gender expectations and sexual politics and possibilities. The contrast can be hilarious, as in the poem On Buying Produce, where a snippet of Victorian era advice on the ripeness of Fruits prefaces an encounter with a former lover in the grocery. But there is a seriousness to this venture, especially in the poems in the concluding section, Good Daughter Wants: A daddy that can stand up. / A mother that won't walk away...To bend at the waist / without breaking. There is just a hint of nostalgic regret here, that there are no guides, no easy advice, for this most essential woman's work of finding her way in the world, to free that girl, / the one / least expected but / most likely to.


Poet Missy Brownson resides in Georgetown, KY, and works in Frankfort as the associate director for communications and outreach for an educational agency. Missy's chapbook Hush Candy was published by Broadstone Books in 2018. In 2021, Missy's poetry appeared alongside the visual art of Melissa T. Hall in two exhibits at the Lexington Art League, Memento Mori and Pandemia; full-color catalogs featuring these poems and images were published by Broadstone Books. In 2023, Broadstone Books published an expanded (full-length), second edition of Hush Candy, which includes all poems from the original chapbook and Memento Mori. Missy holds a BA in English from Earlham College and an MS in Instructional Design and Learning Technology from Eastern Kentucky University; she also participated in the Murray State University MFA program. Her work has appeared in The Lumberyard Magazine, The Louisville Review, Open 24 Hours and The Heartland Review, and has been distributed via the email poetry service of tweetspeakpoetry.com, Every Day Poems. Missy lives with her good husband and some bad cats.



Maybe the Land Sings Back by Jan LaPerle

"Jan La Perle dream-walks through tenderness, loneliness, and a house-full of troubled love. Birds and a fast mile, a daughter's curious questions, and the small daily adventures of her learning make magic, though threats to its tendrils of peace come close and stay too long. Yet "even when you talk about feeling crazy, your letters / are so calm," a friend says in one of the poems: such is the paradoxical wonder of this collection." -Lisa Lewis

"Maybe the Land Sings Back is a holy book. It sings subtly with great attention and wonder, and dread, of being alive, of keeping a lamp lit-of moment to momentous to minor to flight-when so much has fallen into darkness. These poems remind us to soak up what's given and to reach kindly/sadly for all that's been taken. I am taken with this book. It is so gentle and sobering, and...colossally lonesome, ferociously daring. Its beauty is frightening. Its nightmares are possibilities. I feel a little closer to the Vast by these poems. This is a book I'll keep near me." -Matt Hart


Jan LaPerle lives in Elizabethtown, KY with her husband, poet Clay Matthews, and daughter, Winnie. She grew up in New Hampshire, went to school at Southern Illinois University for her B.A. and M.F.A.  In August 2024 she will retire from the Army after 22 years of service. She writes mostly poetry. She also paints, plays the violin, reads, and hangs with her cat, Bean, and pup, Maggie.


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