Jessica S. Taylor discussing and signing The Captain’s Revenge

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 - 7:00pm
161 Lexington Green Cir
Lexington, KY 40503

Jessica S. Taylor discussing and signing The Captain’s Revenge

Tuesday, April 18 at 7pm ET

Location: Joseph-Beth Lexington   

Join us for Jessica S. Taylor discussing and signing The Captain’s Revenge. Optional RSVP is below but not required to attend the event.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold.”

Caelum stopped his father, but at what cost? Brigid was gone, taken by the very woman she once owed her life to, and Caelum was now wanted for his father’s murder. Now, he has to deal with the aftermath of his decisions, and with the other syrens who only seem determined to make his life more difficult.

Brigid, torn from the new life she had begun to make for herself, must now endure the wrath of the goddess who had saved her. To survive, she shuts herself down, silently hoping that Caelum will rescue her and silently resigning herself to the fact that he won’t make it in time before her body succumbs to Cliodhna’s torture.

When whisperings of a mysterious witch in the South reach Caelum, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Brigid back, including giving up that which he holds most dear. But will he be able to save her in time? And will what remains of his father’s crew really give up that easily?


Jessica S. Taylor is a pirate enthusiast and author of The Syren's Mutiny, a hot new fantasy romance. As a child, Jessica all but lived at her local library, devouring whatever books she could get her hands on. When that wasn't enough, she began writing her own. After countless notebooks were filled with short stories and novels that would never see the light of day, Jessica took the plunge and began delving into the world of publishing. Jessica was born and raised in Kentucky, but has been moving with the waves and is currently residing in southern Maine with her husband and cat, Nebula. 


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