JR Zink signing Queen of the West

Saturday, January 7, 2023 - 11:00am
2692 Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45208

JR Zink signing Queen of the West

Saturday, January 7 at 11am ET

Location: Joseph-Beth Cincinnati

Join us for JR Zink signing Queen of the West.

An immersive journey back to the 1850s when the American dream was possible for any man willing to work for it. But what about a woman? Or an immigrant's son? Queen of the West tells an unlikely couple's story of love, ambition and striving for a more equitable America.

Feisty, eighteen-year-old Annie reluctantly moves with her family from New York City to Cincinnati, the booming Queen City of the West, leaving behind the culture and scant opportunities for women. She meets handsome Max, an aspiring capitalist from the Over-the-Rhine immigrant neighborhood. They bond through their common ambitions to fight the established order in pursuit of their dreams. Annie is drawn to the National Women's Movement but discovers that fighting for women's rights smacks against society's expectations and the restrictions of a traditional life with Max. She must ultimately choose between love and independence to fight for the cause.

A good book club selection with plenty, including a coming-of-age love story, feminist struggles, class and immigrant discrimination, politics and media bias — contemporary elements with a plenty of Cincinnati history thrown in. This is Book One of the Queen of the West historical fiction trilogy.


JR Zink grew up in Wadsworth, Ohio and obtained his BBA from the University of Cincinnati. He enjoyed a successful career as a consultant and corporate leader before stepping away from the business world to develop his right-brain talents as an author. In addition to writing, he coaches high school swimming and enjoys running, backpacking, bicycling and travel. JR and his wife raised a family and now live in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati.