Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for shopping – we appreciate your support!  Below are a few frequently asked questions.  Also feel free to ask questions at our Contact Us page.

Gift Card - Can I use a gift card at

Yes!  You are welcome to use a gift card.  Unfortunately our system does not let us check the gift card balance at check out so we will ask for a credit card as well in the event that your gift card does not cover the entire purchase.   The gift card will be used first but should the balance not be sufficient, the credit card will be charged. Please call Joseph-Beth Booksellers at 513-396-8960 to check all Gift Card balances.

Gives Back - Can I use my Gives Back card and get points?

Yes!  We are still working to get a special Gives Back tab on the Website.  For now, please enter your Gives Back number in the comments field and we will make sure your purchase is applied.

Coupon - Can I use a coupon on

Unfortunately our system is not yet set up to accept coupons.  But please know that any coupon you have we will extend the expiration date so that  you can use in store at a later date. 

Products - I’m not seeing what I’m looking for – are there other products that I can order?

Yes!  We are adding new products and product categories every day.  If you have specific items you are looking for, please call 513-396-8960 for assistance.

Events - Where can I learn about upcoming events?

Click here to see all of our events.

Gift - This is a gift – can it be gift wrapped?

Unfortunately gift wrapping is not available at this time, but we look forward to adding that option soon.

Bulk Orders - How can I place a bulk order for my business or school?

We would love to help you with bulk purchases for your school or business.   Please Click Here to learn more.

Tax - I am with a tax exempt organization – do you offer tax exemption?

Yes!  If you are an organization with Tax Exempt status, please enter your number at checkout and tax will be removed.

Am I able to order books and magazines to ship to a correctional facility?

Many correctional facilities have their own guidelines, so we recommend you confirm with the facility prior to placing your order to ensure a smooth delivery.  Some of the restrictions which are universal are that the books must be PAPERBACK (hardbound books are not allowed,) no more than 3 books may be shipped at one time, you must use the inmate’s name and ID number as well as the name of the Correctional facility in the address line, and orders may only be shipped via USPS.    Some orders will be rejected upon arrival due to the content of the books and are often not returned.  Once the order is sent we are unable to facilitate returns for this merchandise.

Are you a local author looking to have us carry your book or possibly have a book signing at Joseph-Beth?

Click Here to fill out our Local Author Submission Form.


Are you a vendor looking to have us carry your product(s) at Joseph-Beth?

Click Here to fill out our Non-Book Product Submission Form.



Extended Frequently Asked Questions



What are you doing to help keep customers safe?

We now offer direct to home shipping through and curbside pickup. Joseph-Beth is now open normal business hours while we are committed to following all CDC recommended guidelines. At this time, that means all employees have their temperature taken upon entry to the store, all employees must wear masks, and we are regularly conducting deep cleans per the guidelines. We will continue to update this space as recommendations change.

Is Joseph-Beth closing?

No!  We have unfortunately needed to close the Crestview Hills location.  This is due to declining year over year sales at Crestview Hills compounded through recent store closures due to coronavirus.  The closure at this one location as well as changes to the broader Joseph-Beth structure is ensuring Joseph-Beth will be around for years to come and continue to thrive.   If you have additional questions on this, please use the Contact Us feature at and we will get right back to you.


Is the Crestview Hills location closed?

Yes.  We will very much miss Crestview Hills but we welcome all to shop at our Rookwood and Lexington locations as well as online at

I have a Gives Back membership and I shop at the Crestview Hills location, what should I do?

Your purchases at still go towards receiving Gives Back rewards and are still good at the Rookwood and Lexington locations.  If you have additional questions or concerns about your Gives Back membership, please use the Contact Us option on

I shop at Crestview Hills and I have a gift card for purchases at Joseph-Beth – what should I do?

You can use your Joseph-Beth gift card at or at our Rookwood or Lexington locations.