Local Author Submission


Thank you for considering Joseph-Beth Booksellers in your new title submission process.  While you are welcome to submit, during the holiday season there will be a delay in responding to these requests, and we will not be reaching out until February 2024.  If you have already submitted your title information through the New Title form, your submission has been included in the queue for review.

If you have not submitted the form, you may do so by following the link below. 

Thank you,

Joseph-Beth New Title Committee


Congratulations on your new book! We know how hard you worked to write it and how proud you are of your accomplishment.

At Joseph-Beth we take great pride in representing the work of local authors. Unfortunately, since we receive hundreds of requests a month we cannot accommodate them all. We strive to give every consideration possible to local authors but we cannot guarantee that your book will be accepted. Many factors go into the selection process including:

• Quality of the writing
• Subject matter
• Cover design
• Binding
• Target audience
• Expertise or popularity of the author
• Marketing resources of the author
Author’s willingness to self-promote
• Meet requirements of our purchase terms below

This web page spells out the process for getting your book carried in our store(s). Please read this page carefully as this is the only method available to have your book considered.

The process is simple:
1. Complete the submission form by clicking here.  
2. The information is reviewed by our New Author Review Committee
3. You will be notified of the acceptance or decline of your book within 120 days.  
4. In some cases, you may be asked to submit a finished copy

If your book is approved it goes to our Local Author Events Committee for review. We host Local Author Showcases periodically throughout the year. Because slots are limited, we cannot guarantee approval for all local authors.

Thank you for considering Joseph-Beth. Again, congratulations on your new book. We wish you much success.

Purchase Terms:
1. Minimum discount of 40%
2. Returnable, with payment of credit via check to Joseph-Beth
3. Available from Ingram
4. 90 days payment terms

While Joseph-Beth will consider submissions that do not meet all of the above terms criteria, the probability of acceptance is much lower. Also, only titles available from Ingram can be listed on Joseph-Beth's websites.