Pre-order a copy of Twisted by Emily McIntire (for pick-up at the event)


Pre-order a copy of Twisted by Emily McIntire (for pick-up at the event)

Exclusively at Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Pre-order a copy of Twisted by Emily McIntire. Pre-orders will receive a special art print with their book while supplies last.

Author Emily McIntire will sign your book and personalize it to you or the name you designate at the event.

  • Emily will sign and personalize books at the event. 
  • Personalization is for a name only, no additional message. 
  • Your book will be available for pick-up at the event, as will the print while supplies last, on February 7.
  • Order deadline is Friday, February 3. If you miss the pre-order deadline, you may still purchase the book at the event to have it signed. 


From BookTok sensation Emily McIntire comes a dark and delicious fractured fairy tale reimagining of Aladdin.

She's his diamond in the rough. He's her worst nightmare.

Yasmin Karam, daughter to one of the richest men in the world, has never known strife. So, when her beloved father falls ill, she's determined to make his final days his happiest. His last wish? To see her married to a man of his choosing. Except Yasmin's heart already belongs to someone else. A servant. A street rat. A man her father would never consider worthy. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Yasmin strikes a desperate deal with her father's right-hand man, Julian, not realizing he has his own twisted agenda.

Julian Faraci has one goal: become the most powerful man in the world. He's built a future from broken bones and faded bruises, never caring who he hurt along the way. But when his mentor falls ill, he finds himself on the verge of losing everything, and he'll stop at nothing to inherit what is rightfully his. Even if it means forcing a woman he can't stand into marriage.

Yasmin is a brat who speaks out of turn, and he's the villain of her story. But he decides she'll be his—no matter what it takes to convince her.


Emily McIntire is an Amazon top 20 author of painful, messy, beautiful romance. She doesn’t like to box herself into one subgenre, but at the core of all her stories is soul deep love. A long-time songwriter and an avid reader, Emily has always had a passion for the written word, and when she’s not writing you can find her waiting on her long-lost Hogwarts letter, chasing her crazy toddler, or lost between the pages of a good book.


Additional FAQ

What does it mean ‘quantities are limited’?
It means there are a finite number of signed books available for sale. Once all the books allotted have been sold, unfortunately you may not be able to order a personalized copy of this book

Will I get my copy of Twisted the same day it is released?
Yes, you will be able to pick up your signed copy at the event on February 7

Will Emily write a personalized message besides just my name (or a name I designate)?
Emily will write your name (or to whomever you want the book inscribed) and her signature. No additional personalization requests, beyond a name, are permitted. If you do not want your book plate personalized, please indicate that you would like an autograph only.


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